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Project Description
Mydra Center is a Media center with the particularity to be very flexible, allowing developers to extend it and add new features. The philosophy behind the project is "Everything is a plugin". Download it now and create your own! It's developed in C# and makes heavy use of MEF

Started in early 2010, Mydra Center is a joint effort to bring something new to the table in the Media Center area.
Our goal is to give developer the freedom and the flexibility they need to incorporate their media-viewing functionalities to an easy to use, easy to extend framework.
This has been made possible thanks to the MEF framework which brings the extensibility and plugins concept to a whole new level.

In this project, you'll be able to find the base framework, plus additionnal plugins written by our team.

feel free to write and submit us your own plugin.

be free, let your imagination talk !

Project status :

So far, only a spike has been developped, and the project is currently being heavily developped.

Stay tuned !

November 5 :

Great news everyone !

Mydra center can now play a divx file, software-rendered, and with a very limited subtitles support.


nothing groundbreaking from a feature point of view, but that just shows the architecture is slowly paying off.

Of course, evereything is MEF-based, with an "Everything is a Plug-In" approach. the solution has now about 30 different projects / assemblies, and it's still growing, so everything is really harder to get done with this kind of architecture the first time it's done, but the point is that it will pay off on the long run, since only small portions of code will have to be rewritten to add support for new formats, subtitles providers, etc.

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