Video Player window : how to handle remote and local "playback & seeking" controls (driving video through remote PC / phone / local UI)

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Decisions taken

  • access to the "rendering" assembly (Video + Subtitles)
    • rendering is done on the same PC as the navigation : direct ass to the rendering dll
    • rendering is done on a remote PC, not the one where the interacts with the UI : Dll is wrapped in a WCF service.
    • the rendering assembly is not an application, it's a dll which contains a usercontrol, not a window, so that the usercontrol can be freely integrated in the local UI as well as in a remote wrapper, which would host the rendering usercontrol in a window.
  • Module Parts filtering :
    • By default, all the module PARTS are displayed in the modules list. WCF Wrappers for a remote module are regular separate modules and are displayed as such. In the MydraCenter configuration, the user can prevent modules from showing up in the modules list. That means, he can force a module part to be only used by a wrapper as a "remote" nodule.

source : ChatLog

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